ASM&PS (Annual Software Maintenance and Premium Support) is a service package that makes your investment worthwhile on the long run. With your permanent license purchase, you have access to this service package for exactly one calendar year from the date of your license activation.

All rental licenses come with ASM&PS service package included.

As a result, a valid ASM&PS gives you the power to do the following:

  • Maintenance: Access to new minor and maintenance versions (updates) that we release over that year. This is important because we continuously make improvements, implement new features, and release bug fixing maintenance versions.
  • Support: Reach out to our professional and friendly support team whenever you have technical difficulties or questions.
  • Priority: Access to our R&D team for priority feature requests and bug fixing.
  • You can enjoy those three benefits through an ASM & PS service package. Before you can download and install a newer minor version, or turn to our support team, you need to have a valid service plan.


The ASM&PS Service Package for the first year is charged at 20% of the list price of your licenses, options and additional modules and is mandatory for all licenses.

When you purchase a permanent license, you automatically receive an ASM&PS that is valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of your license activation.

All rental licenses come with ASM&PS service package included.

After the first year it is highly recommended to purchase an ASM&PS (Annual Software Maintenance and Premium Support) service package renewal. Before your initial ASM&PS expires, you may be contacted by our sales team with an offer for ASM&PS service package renewal.

Second year and every consecutive year to follow (for permanent licenses): Get your ASM&PS service package for 20% of the current licenses list prices.

To get your ASM&PS service package for one calendar year, you need to pay 20% of the current list prices. The price is always calculated from the list prices that are valid on the date you get your ASM&PS. Once you activate your ASM&PS service package you will benefit from new revisions updates and gain access to new premium support service as per your license bundle conditions for one year. When you activate your ASM&PS, your new 1-year ASM&PS always starts when the previous ASM&PS expired. If your first-year ASM&PS expires on March 31st, 2020, your second year will start on April 1st, 2020 – no matter when you actually activate your ASM&PS. Please note that Major Version Upgrade is not part of the ASM&PS service package, but by keeping a valid ASM&PS you reduce your major version upgrade costs. Reversible (covering past periods) ASM&PS activations and renewals are allowed for a gap of up to 1 year. If the gap is longer, the below MAJOR VERSION AND SOFTWARE Upgrade policies apply.

Premium Support is a yearly service included into the ASM&PS service package. It provides access to remote manned support and assistance for reporting and resolving usability flaws, run-time failures and configuration issues via email, ticketing system, or live chat from Support Portal during regular office working hours (from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday- Friday EEST). Ticket handling as soon as possible on a FIFO basis. Response time is maximum within 24h after submitting. Premium Support service comprises of a predefined by your license bundle number of hours of remote support and technical assistance within a period of one year which are non-transferable towards periods to come. If during Premium Support service validity, the included support hours are consumed, additional support hours and single support tokens are available for purchase upon request.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a yearly premium enterprise level of service available to clients with a valid ASM&PS service package who sign a special standard or customized SLA contract. Done via a dedicated phone line available 24/7, e-mail, ticketing system and live chat from Support Portal. A special guaranteed response and remedy times apply. Service provided by dedicated advanced technical staff with predefined escalation chain. Custom emergency procedures and regular maintenance campaigns can be developed upon request.


New Major Versions are released in case of major changes to the software, its functionalities, features, or used technologies.

Existing licensed users of the current Major Version can benefit from Software Upgrade to the new one. The cost of the Software Upgrades is calculated as follows:

100% from the list prices of the corresponding license bundles for the companies without active ASM&PS service packages

30% from the list prices of the corresponding license bundles for the companies with active ASM&PS service packages


Version terminology

For example:

  • Version: 2
  • Revision: d4cf0e6e8fca86cf4f894dc2ec9af441a93f7241

2 is the Major Version

Revision d4cf0e6e8fca86cf4f894dc2ec9af441a93f7241 is the maintenance version.

A different revision number means an update with bug fixes and improvements. An increase in the Major Version number means a major feature or functionality release. Revisions are very frequent.

Officially supported major versions are the actual current major version and the previous one in chronology. All previous will be automatically declared End Of Life.