• Profuz LAPIS provides businesses with a central, powerful dashboard from which to search, review, interact and process media and data across a wide range of local, remote or cloud-based storage systems and databases.

  • No business can afford to miss out on investing in LAPIS – it offers affordable high-end capabilities at a fraction of the cost compared to other systems, while offering so much more – greater agility, flexibility, speed and style.

  • Created by developer Profuz Digital, LAPIS stands for “Limitless Advanced Powerful Intelligent System” (More on this below)

  • The technology behind the product is a result of decades of dedicated research, practice, fine-tuning and expertise.

  • LAPIS adapts seamlessly to an organization’s needs and growth and has already been snapped up by many dynamic companies of all sizes within various industries, including the likes of CANAL Plus, The Council of Europe and many other well-known universities, colleges and organizations.

  • LAPIS also allows unlimited connectivity with APIs, can be deployed on AWS or other public or private cloud, can be connected to Amazon, Google, Azure or other storage systems.

Watch our new series of videos defining what LAPIS can do for you

Part 1 – Do you know LAPIS can manage storage files from a single dashboard?
Part 2 – Do you know LAPIS can manage broadcasting programs’ scheduling?
Part 3 – Do you know LAPIS can manage news creation processes?
Part 4 – Do you know LAPIS can do automatic speech transcription and translation?
Part 5- Do you know how the Council of Europe benefits from LAPIS?

LAPIS stands for Limitless, Advanced, Powerful, Intelligent System

Limitless possibilities and capabilities due to its open architecture that allows users to connect to other systems.

Advanced using cutting-edge software technologies that support ongoing development including access and deployment on site or in the Cloud.

Powerful and revolutionary problem solving capabilities that efficiently resolves multiple information management challenges that many organizations come up against, such as dealing with:

  • Parallel searching across a variety of widespread disparate information sources, specialized systems, websites, feeds and more;
  • Big files transfers;
  • Complex storage management difficulties;
  • Shared and related data issues, security concerns and privacy.

Intelligent inbuilt design at its very core providing a raft of innovative functions and features such as automated user-definable processes and data collection, image manipulation, modification, presentation and storage. AI, Machine-learning, Large Language model capabilities are continuously evolving in LAPIS technology to meet specific customized requirements.

System – LAPIS is one single central powerbase that forms an organisation’s backbone, providing workflow and data access to a myriad of systems that can be connected to it, through a familiar user-friendly interface.

Profuz LAPIS brings many advantages

Reduces implementation time
Significantly saves costs
Ensures no vendor dependencies

“Today, more than ever before, organizations need the support of user friendly and flexible high-end technological solutions to increase their productivity, effectiveness and quality. Unlike other technology producers who aim to tie up their clients with single vendor dependencies, we offer the freedom to dynamically benefit from a variety of industry-specific technologies while retaining the advantages of using a single system.”

“In my work over the years, I came across and observed the need of many clients for a business management system with fast deployment, user friendly configuration, “zero” learning curve and quick adaptation. I wanted to design a system which adapts to the business instead of vice versa. I wanted to provide to the smaller entities the benefits of the advanced enterprise level systems. Reducing critical resources such as time, qualifications and maintenance throughout the whole life-cycle of the system makes that possible. This is why and how I designed LAPIS.”


Contacts Management

Leads, prospects, clients, partners, suppliers and employees details are protected, under your own control, updated in real-time and accessible from anywhere. Multiple ways of categorization of affiliate and external individual and company contacts. Additional classification tools such as tags, categories, folders, parameters. History of interaction and changes. Import/Export of databases.

Human Resources

Successfully manage your employees! Keep accurate employees’ profiles with personal data, labor contracts, professional skills, departments hierarchy, leaves, time-offs, time-shifts, expenses, allocations, seats, appraisals, managers’ approvals.

Commercial Management

Sales and Purchasing deals, quotes, orders, pricelists and invoices tracking, management and statistics. Real-time reports generation. Automatic sales and financial documents generation and conversion to PDF format based on templates. Inventory Management. Complete sales and procurement lifecycles.

Production Operations Management

Planning, control, monitoring of production processes including work-orders creation, real-time monitoring, communication and delivery. Bill of materials and supply chain management.

Tasks and projects management

From simple tasks to complex projects management. Calendar, Gantt, Chart, Tree, Kanban views. Projects, sub-projects, tasks, sub-tasks. Create, monitor, update, link and assign tasks and projects at every stage based on rules and user rights.

Workflows Management

Design, Build, Run flexible business processes: built-in editor for automatic workflows. Internal and external operations can be used to trigger actions. Configurable UI forms for user- dependent steps. Import of BPMN workflows.


Pre-configured and on-the fly reports generation including cross-system reporting based on all connected sources. Real-time updates. Export to CSV and Excel. Report templates. All reporting formats and tools, such as tables, charts, graphs to present data are supported.

Scheduling Management

Profuz LAPIS Scheduling Management helps with planning Radio and TV programs. You can schedule your broadcasting according to your program schemes, override specific days with custom daily schemes or create schedules manually.

News Management

News workflows management from planning to publishing. News articles creation, editing, approval and scheduling for one or multiple publications. News stories for managing news data (video, audio, text, photos, images, documents, articles and other news feeds) and planning of related reporting, editing, validation and publishing tasks. News Desks for news classifications and categorization.

Localization Services Management

Managing timed-text, dubbing and localization jobs and teams providing an ultra-secure and super-fast private workspace, tools and workflows for ensuring quality.

Media Asset Management

Ingest, store, archive, review, approve, edit, and share your media content. Keep your business up to date with industry trends. LAPIS was built to be easily and seamlessly connected to external tools to answer any custom need.

Content Management System

Protecting, classifying, organizing, searching, storing, retrieving, approving, transforming, transferring, localizing and publishing of images, videos, audios, presentations, documents, subtitles and texts to websites and social media platforms. Integration with sales, marketing and production processes. Secure content distribution with other team members and external collaborators.

Trusted By

We have been very impressed with the functionalities and performance of Profuz LAPIS as our Media Asset Management platform.  In our opinion it is the “Rolls Royce” platform of this industry sector, offering  a competitive and attractive price tag.  It is not a run of the mill digital asset AV management system, as it offers so much more in terms of functionality and features, and we have seen significant productivity gains and positive user feedback.

“After extensively researching many cloud-based subtitling and workflow management platforms, we made the decision to invest in Profuz Digital’s SubtitleNEXT and LAPIS platforms as they fulfilled all our requirements, and “ticked all the right boxes”. The fact that the Profuz LAPIS technology allows companies of all shapes and sizes to access projects at any given time, from anywhere, and facilitates collaboration among clients and staff, was a major draw. Profuz LAPIS can also be customized to produce targeted management and efficient workflows.”

“Profuz LAPIS was the perfect match for us to combine a Media Asset Management with our specific internal workflows. Profuz Digital’s team has provided a strong support all along the project in order to customize the product according to our specifications and to make it a powerful solution, yet very user-friendly for our collaborators and partners.”

“Wilco Media is a tech-enabled player at the forefront of utilising the smartest technology to automate parts of our workflow. When choosing our technology partner, the deciding factor was the flexible approach of the team at NEXT-TT, creating a solution for us to meet our specific preferences today as well as facilitating adaptation of the system to meet future requirements. It is like having bespoke technology at retail prices “

“The design and philosophy behind Profuz LAPIS software and implementation model gives us the freedom and flexibility needed for the dynamic of our business. They are easy to install and saves us time and money.”

“After some back and forth with information being discussed and shared, Jornal do Centro decided to go with the Profuz LAPIS solution for several reasons. Firstly, the user-friendly interface and user permissions features in LAPIS,  along with its CRM functionality appealed to the team. Secondly, they were also impressed with the Profuz LAPIS’ team’s openness to develop further specific functionalities uniquely for each customer. Thirdly, they also felt it was a real advantage to have Pantalha’s support team at their disposal.  They had many other reasons why they loved the system, and overall, the quality of the system, combined with its exceptional value for money was a plus point. All these factors together truly won them over.”

“Adopting Profuz LAPIS has been a crucial step in the major digital transformation process of the BNR. An immense volume of content is generated on a daily basis by our 2 national and 9 regional programs, along with 10 of Radio Bulgaria’s foreign language teams. In addition, our team of web editors create a considerable amount of material.”